- 09.02.2020

Huawei wallet app deinstallieren

If you want to free the storage space of your Huawei/Honor phone To make your phone fast and Some of Bloatware apps are useful like an email app, maps, calendar, camera, gallery, Huawei Wallet, show-catalog.ru I bought the official Huawei wallet case which means my phone is constantly in contact with a contactless card and so constantly launching the .

Technical Details

NFC is automatically enabled on my phone NFC is huawei wallet app deinstallieren enabled each time I unlock my huawei wallet app deinstallieren using a fingerprint.

NFC automatically turns on when pressing the Power button to unlock my phone. You may have huawei wallet app deinstallieren the double-tap shortcut for the Wallet app, which will open the payment screen when you double-tap the Power huawei wallet app deinstallieren.

Passcreator: Smart and creative passes with HUAWEI Wallet Kit

In this case, if you press the Power button twice by accident when unlocking your phone, NFC will automatically turn on. NFC huawei wallet app deinstallieren turns on when opening Wallet. You may have set the Wallet app to automatically enable NFC each link it starts up.

Huawei P30 Pro Apps löschen und deinstallieren

Then open the Wallet app again. NFC automatically turns on when opening some third-party apps Some third-party apps https://show-catalog.ru/app/faceless-man-game-of-thrones.html the UnionPay plug-in that is installed on your phone when opening them, which enables NFC automatically.

To resolve this issue, perform the following: Update the UnionPay plug-in to its latest learn more here Go to Einstellungen, search for and access Apps, find the plug-in, and touch Deinstallieren.

After that, an update screen will be displayed when you open huawei wallet app deinstallieren app.

How to Remove Preinstalled System Apps on Huawei & Honor phones [No Root]

Touch Download to complete the update. Huawei wallet app deinstallieren your phone system to EMUI 9. If your phone cannot be updated huawei wallet app deinstallieren EMUI 9.

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