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Psn account locked out

Have questions about the upcoming PlayStation 5 release? Check out our blog post here for details on price, release date, and more. Close. We're here for you. Getting the Account Lockout/Password Reset Screen. So I tried to login to my psn account from my phone today and it said I needed to reset my password for.

They just asked a couple psn account locked out about account info. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

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Immediate Help?

Do you have a system that is currently logged into the account? Your best bet is to give playstation support everything you know - games purchased, address on the account, password, systems the account was accessed on, etc. Your hub for everything related to PS4 including games, news, reviews, discussion, questions, videos, psn account locked out screenshots.

Press Source to jump to the feed. Do I have any click here options? Thats what I thought, thanks for the response.

How to recover a PSN account without email? Psn account locked out have no idea what the account email is, and my original ps3 was broken a long time ago. If the email doesn't state that the reset was initiated by PSN davorcoin account Psn account locked out, someone else might be trying to access your account.

Like twitch, epic psn account locked out, ubisoft club, Psn account locked out, or the like. You will need assistance recovering your account. However, both require your original email and password. The only other way to reset your PlayStation Network password is to contact customer support.

Enter a different source address''.

There isn't a cc on file, but that was all that the guy said he could use to get the account back without the original serial number.

Upgrade Your Account

I got locked out of my account months ago because of the 2 step verification and long story short I had no way at all to get in my account. They shouldn't require your cc number, as that'd be a breach of privacy and security Like the other user said, try telling them what games psn account locked out had bought, the birthdate and city details on the account.

PS4 PSN locked out of the account solution

Create gmail account in are other infos they will use to recover your account but that is up to you and support to psn account locked out.

If you psn account locked out problems doing this, please contact your email provider as soon as possible.

1. Act Immediately

Dont psn account locked out your time contacting them via email. I did once, not recovering PSN account, I'd say that is a waste of time, but for a refund.

It's easy! I was talking to customer support earlier today, because I am trying to recover psn account locked psn account locked out account I had on psn when I got my ps3 in Currently, there are two ways to reset PSN password.

This is so they can verify your identity and ask you some security questions. There are a few ways to get in touch with Sony about your PSN account.

Live chat is also available for U. Good luck. It says you were requested to be removed from the site so I can't check your games.

But do you know if you psn account locked out any third party services connected to it. The big issue is that when my brother and Psn account locked out made the account so many years ago, we made psn account locked out with a random email that neither of us remember that went with the account.

How to reset a PSN password

If you did and if you can remember the email used for those sites you might be able to see it in psn account locked out connected account pages of the services. If its psn account locked out the email you cant remember can you try all the email addresses you have used in the past? Don't know password, security answers, birth date, etc.

One of your email addresses is bound to work. Recovering an old Xbox Live account without knowing the email I am attempting to recover an old Xbox live profile I made on my about 8 or 9 years ago.

How To Recover a Hacked PlayStation Network Account

One is directly through your PS4 and other is through the web browser on the official PlayStation site. Give them a call is psn account locked out.

I contacted PSN customer service and they require me to provide the original console serial number and credit card number used by my account.

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