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Crypto managed account

crypto managed accountThe difference between investing via a Separately Managed Account and a Crypto Fund, is that in the latter, the crypto assets are jointly owned by the fund's LPs. Cryptotrendz is an investment platform which has been in business since and We offer MANAGED ACCOUNT strategy for Bitcoin and altcoin assets.

We connect to all major exchanges so you can trade through one simple portal.

Crypto managed account

Book aggregation across exchanges and dealers Access Crypto market liquidity from multiple venues and counterparts, all in one place. Best execution and Smart Order routing Optimize your trade execution through our institutional crypto managed account algorithms and Smart Order Router.

Crypto managed account

Real-time and historical Reporting Real time and historical market data Follow all your activity — in real time. From performance, market prices, wallet balances and more, you will be able to view all data in real time.

The HedgeGuard PMS also crypto managed account you to look back on your historical data, allowing you to produce crypto managed account analysis or generate reports for example.

Crypto managed account

Performance and exposure analysis We have worked closely with our clients crypto managed account crypto managed account a comprehensive dashboard built by portfolio managers for portfolio managers. Monitor your risk, exposure, wallets, performance indicators all in one place, and crypto managed account real time.

Our fully customizable dashboard becomes your one stop shop go here monitor your activity in a glance.

Crypto managed account

We connect to a wide range of crypto exchanges https://show-catalog.ru/account/league-of-legends-accounts-euw.html list herecustodians, administrators, and dealers to provide a holistic view of your activity.

This includes a live NAV that encapsulates all fees related to your crypto managed account performance and management fees, commissions, costs etc.


This includes major currencies crypto managed account tokens. Unlisted and listed.

Crypto managed account

Options: Greek sensitivities Access a complete overview of your option risk in our dedicated dashboard where option portfolio delta, gamma, vega and theta are calculated. Loans accrued interest, multiple payments, issue invoices Multi entities: Investment funds, trading accounts, managed accounts Multi-accounts and sub-account functionalities The HedgeGuard Crypto PMS meets the requirements of your corporate structure, crypto managed account crypto funds, crypto managed account and trading platforms, crypto managed account, etc.

How I manage my finances as a crypto investor

Our PMS allows you to set-up your master entity read more well as multiple funds, managed accounts as well as sub-accounts for different team members, clients, or investors.

Customize your dashboard views with widgets and crypto managed account and track activity unique https://show-catalog.ru/account/i-got-bitcoins-in-my-bank-account.html your business needs.

Crypto managed account

Multi wallet tracking Quickly view your balances across all of your wallets. Integration with 3rd parties: exchanges, administrators, custodians, Market Markers Trade extractions crypto managed account fees and funding The HedgeGuard PMS crypto managed account retrieves https://show-catalog.ru/account/toast-wallet-to-bank-account.html crypto managed account information in one location, allowing you to view key metrics such as price, fees, and funding.

Balances, positions, and reconciliation Know where your balances stand across all counterparts, at crypto managed account times: Custodians, Administrators, Exchanges and wallets.

Crypto managed account

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