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Buy accounts

buy accountsTop marketplace to buy and sell instagram accounts, youtube channels, tiktok accounts and other social media business pages. Nothing contained herein shall constitute or be deemed to constitute an advice, invitation or solicitation to purchase any products/services of third party. Expand All.

Buy accounts

Buy accounts view stores: Read access on Stores Configure an external managed account to buy accounts the user who can switch buy accounts another account and to specify what that user can do on those accounts.

This updates the data displayed in the component to the click here that is being switched to when Account Buy accounts is used.

Enterprisewide visibility puts you in control

When the user who is managing the target account switches buy accounts the target account, the information on the Account Management page switches to the context of the target account.

The managing user can manage target account members from buy accounts.

Buy accounts

With Authorized Access, the buyer user of an external managed account can manage permission sets for other users, reset passwords, activate, deactivate, or add members to the buy accounts account.

They can also buy on behalf of buy accounts account.

Buy accounts

Add the External Managed Account related list to the Account page. Go to the External Managed Account related list buy accounts click the buy accounts icon to open the related list properties menu.

Buy accounts

Save your changes. Enable a buyer user to access another account via buy accounts managed accounts. From the Commerce App navigation menu, select Accounts.

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Select an existing account, or create one. To enable the account as a buyer account, buy accounts accounts the dropdown on the Account page, and select Enable buy accounts Buyer. Create a contact buy accounts the account, and make sure that it has been assigned buy accounts role.

Buy accounts

Select the buy accounts contact, click the dropdown buy accounts in the upper right side, and click Enable Buy accounts User. Configure the external managed account. From the account click the following article of the buyer, scroll down to the External Managed Accounts related list.

Click Configure.

Buy accounts

In the User field, enter buy accounts href="https://show-catalog.ru/account/komodo-platform.html">more info buyers name.

Grant the managing user Delegated External User Administrator permission.

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For more information on granting this permission, go to Delegate External Buy accounts Administration. To allow the buyer to buy on behalf of the target account, add Buy For access.

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Buy accounts the managing user the B2B Commerce user permission. If your buyer is buying for the target account, create a buyer group.

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Assign https://show-catalog.ru/account/how-to-recover-your-trust-wallet-account.html buyer account to it so that the buy accounts can access the target account.

Enter a name and description for the buyer group, and save your changes. Click Assign. Click Buyer Groups, and buy accounts the group that you buy accounts. Access the target account from the user profile menu.

If you are using the new customizable user profile menu, add the Switch Accounts menu item.

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Otherwise, it appears by default. Grant the managing user the Account Switcher User permission. Go to Experience Builder, and click the user profile menu at buy accounts top of the screen.

Click Edit User Profile Buy accounts. In the Type field, select Event.

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In the Event field, select Account Switcher. Click Save Menu. The buyer user can https://show-catalog.ru/account/komodo-platform.html from one account buy accounts another by clicking buy accounts user profile and selecting Switch Accounts.

When the buyer user clicks Switch Accounts from the user profile menu, the Switch Accounts modal opens.

Account & billing help

A blue check mark indicates the account buy accounts the buyer buy accounts to. My Account indicates the account that the buyer buy accounts to. Example Buy accounts Accounts modal.

Buy accounts

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