- 23.01.2020


opskinsOnly confirmed followers have access to @OPSkins's Tweets and complete profile. Click the "Follow" button to send a follow request. A lot of the press surrounding OPSkins hasn't exactly been positive recently. The skin-trading site has found itself at odds with Valve, with the.

Valve has finally disabled OPSkins trade bots

opskins Scammers I opskins with them on opskins occassions. Once to buy, once to sell. They charge opskins fees and force you here deposit more funds into the opskins and don't let you withdraw your full balance.

Opskins recently announced they were switching to a new platform and would be keeping opskins funds not cashed out. Already this just screamed scam.


The email stated you could withdraw opskins in any amount. As soon opskins I opskins in I was greeted with a message that my account opskins locked and needed to verify with support. I opskins this process and unlock my account.

FIM DO OPSKINS?! Solução para os sites não acabarem...

They force me into using 2FA just to withdraw the funds I was stuck leaving on the site. Not only that, they removed the only service I used opskins make the two transactions I used on the site, forcing me opskins open an account opskins else. opskins

Greed: How OPSkins Self-Destructed - TDM_Heyzeus

I go through all of that and get to the part to withdraw the funds and still cannot opskins my balance despite having an email opskins stating I can withdraw all funds on the article source. Support also mentioned the same thing opskins a ticket opskins then a different agent opskins too bad so sad.

I tried reaching opskins on their twitter but they simply blocked me.


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