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How has bitcoin performed in 2020

Some view Bitcoin as a safe-haven asset, has it behaved like one? Editors' Pick|9, views| Apr 11, , pm EDT Furthermore, though on a near term view Bitcoin hasn't done what many other safe haven assets have done, it is of. The bitcoin price index provides the average price across the leading global exchanges. Bitcoin's highest price. The virtual currency has had a volatile trading​.

WhatsApp The idea of bitcoin serving as a safe haven, or a hedge against financial turmoil, is one people have speculated about for years.

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Then came the coronavirus and how has bitcoin performed in 2020 financial collapses — which, while financially devastating for most of the world, gave us our first chance to see how bitcoin would react in how has bitcoin performed in 2020 genuine, widespread crisis.

The basic idea is a simple one, and something we covered in our recent look at how bitcoin might react to a digital source. But this brings us to the key question: Has it actually happened? That is, has bitcoin performed as a hedge or how has bitcoin performed in 2020 safe haven these last few months?

In the very beginning, people were fairly quick to suggest that bitcoin would not in fact fill this role. This was how has bitcoin performed in 2020 fair, if short-sighted point; in the beginning of how has bitcoin performed in 2020 crisis, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies dropped off significantly, just like the stock markets and really most tradable assets in the world.

There have been some sudden dips and quick jolts forward, as has always been typical of bitcoin and really, cryptocurrency overall.

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The big picture, though, shows a how has bitcoin performed in 2020 href="https://show-catalog.ru/2020/bitcoin-mining-difficulty-2020.html">bitcoin mining difficulty 2020 recovery for the leading cryptocurrency.

So, while bitcoin may not have been a haven during the worst of the crash, it has https://show-catalog.ru/2020/how-to-mine-litecoin-2020.html safer since than https://show-catalog.ru/2020/cronusmax-fortnite-aimbot-script-2020.html other assets.

How has bitcoin performed in 2020 is to say, gold is the safe haven — the asset people are buying up because they trust it more than just about anything else right now.

BTC, on the how has bitcoin performed in 2020 hand, is a hedge — an click the following article store of wealth to protect against government stimulus-driven inflation. With world economies still in a fairly early stage of recovery, there will be more to learn about how bitcoin handles a true crisis.

For now though, bitcoin looks to have performed well, even if the specific safe haven question remains open.

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